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Dj Maniatiko's Biography

DJ Maniatiko’s Biography [As of March 10th, 2010]

“DJ Maniatiko” and formally known as “DJ Chamaquito” was born in New York City on June 10th 1980. Born with Dominican and Puertorican descents, he has always had a passion for Latin music. Unfortunately, He didn’t speak Spanish at the time but clearly understood it.

In 1995-1996 DJ Maniatiko was introduced to the Latin Scene with a not so popular DJ and with the help of listening to upcoming dj’s such as DJ Jesus Citronelle, DJ Johnny Famulari, Notty Cotto, Alex Sensation, Dj Mad and others on the radio. DJ Maniatiko has excelled in becoming one of the Latin communities most influential DJ’s.

At a point in time where terrestrial radio was only playing Mainstream Music, Several new DJ Organizations were formed to get all local artist played in a Mainstream Environment. Back in 2005 DJ Maniatiko teamed up with DJ Tech to become a part of a fairly new organization called His role in the organization was to assist in providing Mainstream Latin Music as well as providing local unsigned artists to get there music played in Nightclubs’ in and around the City.

In 2009, Dj Maniatiko had moved into another organization called and reinvented himself as a new member of the elite LMP Crew while he continued to promote established and upcoming artists.

At the Age of 29, He is proud to achieve 15 Years as an official Latin DJ. As DJ Maniatiko continues to extend his library and cultural awareness he realizes that there are more types of genres to be explored. DJ Maniatiko’s Passion for music extends to Merengue, Salsa, Bachata, Tipico, Rock/Pop en Espanol, Cumbia, Vallenato, Mexico Regional (Banda, Charanga, Duranguense, Mariachi, Ranchera, Tex-Mex), Punta, Freestyle, Hip-Hop, Latin Hip-Hop, Reggae, Soca, R&B, Baltimore Club, House, Progressive, Electro, Club, Dub, Techno, Trance, and Tribal making him one of the most diverse DJ’s around.



WNYE 91.5 FM (Teen Talk Radio/TV) [1998 - 1999]
WSKQ La Mega 97.9FM (Live at the Copacabana with JI Starr)
LMPRADIO.Com [2009 - Present]

January [2007]
Metro 95.9 FM (Live at CocoBongo Bronx, NY) [July



Paddle Wheel Queen [6.6.08] (Downtown Manhattan, NY)
Queen of Hearts [5.16.09] (Downtown Manhattan, NY)


BLVD [4.4.09] (Downtown Manhattan, NY)
Candy Lounge [4.8.06] (Bronx, NY)
Copacabana [2006-2007] (Downtown Manhattan, NY)
CocoBongo [2008] (Bronx, NY)
Club Space (Downtown Manhattan, NY)
Club Deep [2006] (Bottom Fl [Blu]) (Downtown Manhattan,

Club Pulse (Downtown Manhattan, NY)
Club Float/Temple/T-NY (Downtown Manhattan, NY)
Eros [9.11.09] (Bronx, NY)
Eclipse [2006] (Uptown Manhattan, NY)
El Morocco [April 2008 - Current Residency

Fridays/Saturdays] (Uptown Manhattan, NY)
Esmeralda Night Club [3.28.08] (Houston, TX)
Klasico [2005] (Bronx, NY)
La Obeja Negra [November 2006] (Queens, NY)
Luna [Formerly Jetset Cafe] [2009 - Currently in Rotation]
Melodia [2005 – 2007] (Uptown Manhattan, NY)
MonteCarlo Room [May 2007 - December 2007] (Bronx, NY)
Palenque [2006] (Bronx, NY)
Prophecy Night Club [12.19.09] (White Plains, NY)
Providence [2008 - 2009] (Downtown Manhattan, NY)
Sandbar [5.20.07] (Jersey City, NJ)
Serie 56 [2007] (Uptown Manhattan)
Soel Club/Lounge [10.10.09] (Queens, NY)
Stratta [Gramercy] [2008 - Currently in Rotation]
Talay [3.27.09] (Uptown Manhattan, NY)
Tropicana [2.27.10] (Bronx, NY)
Umbrella (Uptown, NY)
Venue [3.29.08] (New Orleans, LA)
Xbar/Baja Lounge [2006-2007] (Bronx, NY)
Vandome [6.26.09] (New Haven, CT)


99 Park [4.18.09] (Downtown Manhattan, NY)
Adega Lounge [5.31.09] (Newark, NJ)
Alejo Bar & Lounge [2008] (Yonkers, NY)
Allegros [2002] (Uptown Manhattan, NY)
Altus Cafe [9.17.09] (Uptown Manhattan, NY)
Arka Lounge [2008 - 2009] (Uptown Manhattan, NY)
Aura lounge [2008] (Downtown Manhattan, NY)
B Lounge [2/06] (Uptown Manhattan, NY)
Baja Lounge [March 2007] (Bronx, NY)
Bamboo lounge [2006/2007] (Bronx, NY)
Blue Lounge [2006/2007] (Uptown Manhattan, NY)
Body Lounge [2008](Uptown Manhattan, NY)
Bogarts [12/05] (Downtown Manhattan, NY)
Candy Lounge [10.16.09] (Bronx, NY)
Cotton NYC [11.19.05] (Downtown Manhattan, NY)
Claro Lounge [3.6.09] (Bronx, NY)
Clique [5.8.09] (Yonkers, NY)
D' Caballeros [April 2007] (Brooklyn, NY)
El Sitio [2005] (Bronx, NY)
Eyebar [5.20.09] (Washington, DC)
Hudson River Cafe [2009] (Uptown Manhattan, NY)
HK Lounge [11.21.09] (Downtown Manhattan, NY)
Ibiza Lounge [2008 - 1.1.2010] (Riverdale, NY)
Kabu Lounge [Last played there on 4.10.09](Queens, NY)
Kings Club [5.2.03] (Queens, NY)
Kriola's Cafe [2008] (Waterbury, CT)
La Obeja Negra [Oct. 06] (Manhattan, NY)
La Marina [4.22.06] (Uptown, NY)
La Taverna [2.21.09] (Scottsdale, AZ)
Lea Lounge [2003 - 2007]
Mamosa Lounge [6.15.08] (Bronx, NY)
Navan Cafe [1.16.09] (Ozone Park, Queens, NY)
Novo (Queens, NY)
Nuves Lounge [2009 - Currently in Rotation]
O Lounge [2007-2008, 3.6.09] (Bronx, NY)
Proof Lounge [12/26/07] (Manhattan, NY)
Savannah [2006] (Downtown, NY)
Salud [06/30/06] (Yonkers, NY)
Skyline Café [2007] (Uptown, NY)
Sugar Shack Café [2002-2003] (Uptown Manhattan, NY)
The Lounge (Riverdale, NY)
Villa (Downtown Manhattan, NY)
Village Pub (Long Island, NY)


Caridad #1 (Uptown Manhattan, NY)
D'vinnci (Uptown Manhattan, NY)
Imperial Restaurant [1996] (Uptown Manhattan)
La Parilla [2005 – 2007] (Uptown Manhattan)
La Amistad Restaurant [1996 - 1998] (Uptown Manhattan)
Tenares Restaurant [2005 - 2007]


Columbia University [2003-2006] (Uptown Manhattan)
College of New Rochelle [2006] (New Rochelle, NY)
Stonybrook University (Long Island, NY)

Social Events

Monoco Ballroom [2005-2007] (Bronx, NY)

Community Events

San Judas Church (Uptown Manhattan)
Police Athletic League [1998 – 2003]
Highbridge Park
163rd between Broadway and St. Nicholas
172nd between Broadway and Amsterdam
110th between Broadway and Amsterdam [Summer 2005]

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